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About Membership
About Membership

About Membership

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There are many voices "out there" protesting the destruction of our historic buildings. Landmarks hopes to unify those voices to help identify, record and preserve those structures which best typify the history of Washington County.

We strive to provide the educational tools needed to influence governmental bodies in their planning, help individual homeowners in restoring or sensitively rehabilitating their home, and support our members in their endeavors to preserve our architectural past. 

What's In It For You?

  • Technical Assistance - where to get help, how to determine if a building qualifies for County or National Landmark status.
  • Advice and counsel for those members involved in their own restoration/preservation projects.
  • Meetings, presentations, literature and publications on subjects of interest to historic preservationists.
  • Tours and special events which focus on local history and architectural preservation issues.
  • Referrals to publications and materials available for the home restorer or preservation-minded community planner.