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East Washington


East Washington's grand Victorian homes were built primarily from the riches of oil and gas wells in the late 19th century. Its concentration of Queen Anne, Shingle-style and Colonial Revival homes has retained its importance for its turn-of-the-century architecture. There is a concentration of 116 homes built primarily between 1880 and 1900. While some have been significantly altered, enough remain with high integrity to reflect this neighborhood's character. There is evidence of well-known pattern houses, such as those popularized by George Barber, featuring turrets, elaborate porches and a variety of window designs in asymmetrical house plans. Several street names in the surrounding area reflect surnames of more prominent borough land owners - LeMoyne, Wade, Morgan, Watson and McKennan. East Washington remains one of the last and best examples of intact Victorian architecture in Washington County. [pp.178-179 POP]
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