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Taylorstown is a rural village in western Washington County that retains its original size and scale as set forth in its 1795 town plan. The historic district covers almost four dozen buildings, mostly residential, on 16.9 acres. The earliest houses are two-story clapboard-covered logs with frame additions. Several early brick buildings are vernacular farm style with Federal accents. Later structures from 1880-1900 are frame with Italiante or Victorian gingerbread trim. Originally granted in 1788 to Robert Taylor, the town was laid out into 66 plots by his son William. At the time of its earliest development it contained a general store, dry goods store, a church, hatter's shop, tavern-hotel, blacksmith shop and livery, grain and planing mills and woodworking shop. The town experienced a boom in the 1880s with development of oil fields. [pp. 188-189 POP]
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