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Public Landmark LeMoyne, F. Julius House...

LeMoyne, F. Julius House


Built in 1812, this three-story stone house was constructed for Dr. John Julius LeMoyne and his son Dr. Francis Julius LeMoyne, both medical doctors, as home, office and pharmacy. It was built in the Greek Revival style, with two front doorways (for private and professional use) and entrance porticoes, one with columns and the other with pilasters. Another feature of this style are the long narrow attic windows which were added at a later date. Dr. F. Julius was an outspoken opponent of slavery and ran for governor three times as an Abolition Party candidate. This property is recognized as a National Register Landmark as a stop on the Underground Railroad, the slave escape route. The house is operated as a museum and headquarters for Washington County Historical Society. [pp. 92-93 POP]
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