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Public Landmark Old Main, California State College...

Old Main, California State College

Old Main was constructed during 1868-70 to serve as the administration building for Southwestern Normal College (later California State College). The two-and-a-half story brick building originally measured 146 feet across the front, with the main entrance protruding 30 feet. The semi-arched veranda was supported by Corinthian columns. The entrance consisting of five bays was complimented by 90' high twin towers on either side and further extended by six-bay wings. The southwest tower has a large clock on its face placed there in 1878 with the original bell and bellworks contained within. The building, designed in the Romanesque Revival style by Barr and Moser of Pittsburgh, was constructed for office space, classrooms, a chapel and dormitory. During 1969-69 the northeast portion of the main wing was razed, resulting in an asymmetrical configuration. The school is now California University of Pennsylvania.
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