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Public Landmark Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Station...

Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Station

This station was built c. 1910-12 to replace a former wooden structure from the late 1880s. The one-story red brick building measures 95' x 35' and has a steeply pitched tile roof with generous overhang. There are decorative stone accents outlining all doors and windows. An exterior protrusion on the north side served as the ticket office, and restroom space was provided in a small area to the south. Waiting rooms were located on either side and a baggage room to the east. Upgrades in 1958 resulted in removal or replacement of original parts, including circular upright radiators, waiting room benches and the steamheat furnace. Upgrades and additional space were part of its conversion for the new tenant, California Public Library. The library's presence has resulted in the survival of this fine little building. A railroad caboose was donated and moved to the property to serve as the library's children's section.
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