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Caldwell Tavern

This c. 1840 two-and-a-half story, five bay brick house, when originally built faced the National Road, but during the early part of the 20th century, Route 40 improvement realigned the road behind the house. Greek Revival influences are manifested in the transomed and sidelighted main central entry. A second front door, just west of the other, typifies the tavern use by entering into the barroom. Other "tavern" elements are its kitchen ell with a double stacked porch. In the late 20th century this second door was replaced with a window. Other "tavern" elements are its kitchen ell with double stacked porch (later enclosed). While a 1840 fire shows a "loss by fire", 1841 records show Caldwell's widow listed as innkeeper and operating as such until 1873.
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