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Residential Landmark/Farmstead Huffman Distillery & Chopping Mill...

Huffman Distillery & Chopping Mill


Located on the historic Huffman farm in Somerset Township, the log structure which houses the c. 1790 distillery and the 1805 square timber framed chopping mill are but two of many support buildings on this farmstead. The distillery which lies southwest of the main house and measures 27' x 29' s built of hewn logs with sandstone foundation. Simple plank steps lead to a low squat door in the east gable end of the structure. Southeast of the distillery is the chopping mill where grain was chopped and ground into the mash used for whiskey. The operation was powered by horses who were led through double doors up a ramp onto a thick planked treadmill. This 180-acre farm is located near the center branch of Pigeon Creek. [pp. 82-83 POP]
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