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Martin Farmstead


This is a c. 1860 frame two-story, five-bay house with central hall. It has decorative window lintels and a double door with transom and the standing seam roof has a small central gable. The three-bay porch is heavily decorated with sawn c. 1883 Queen Anne embellishments. A two-story ell has double balconies, reflecting a southern influence. The original land grant was issued in 1786 to Jacob Shively and in 1811 the land was transferred to Peter Martin who operated a sawmill. In the 1860s William Henry Martin, continued the sawmill and had 800 Black Merino sheep. The house remained in the Martin family until 1986 when it was sold by Bill Martin to a developer. At this time the white frame home with hunter green trim was painted a deep marine blue with multi-colored trim. Significant outbuildings remaining on the farm were an 1800 log spring house and frame barn, a c. 1880 frame spring house and shed, a c. 1900 barn and four 1930s sheds. [p. 131 POP]
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